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Adult Cooking Class

Cooking Fundamentals -
September 12 - October 10

This Once Every Weekend 5 Part Series Program is suitable for Beginner Home Cooks who wants to develop the culinary skills. Learn step by step methods of preparation, production and finishing dishes. Make your own stocks, Veloutés and emulsions. You will also receive instructions on knife skills and various cooking techniques (grilling, roasting, poaching, frying, sautéing, etc.) You will practice safety and sanitation. Learn to prepare, sandwiches, salads and salad dressings, vegetable, potato and starch dishes. Meat and Poultry cooking and Classic Main Dishes. Basic Baking and Desserts.

Saturdays - 10:00 AM TO 03:00 PM

  • PART I - 12-09-2015
  • PART II - 19-09-2015
  • PART III - 26-09-2015
  • PART IV - 03-10-2015
  • PART V - 10-10-2015

Price: $425+Tax

Italian Cuisine Basics -
September 13 - October 11

You will learn to make pizzas, fresh pastas, bruschetta's all the traditional way. This isOnce Every Weekend 5 Part Series Program will teach you to prepare basic Italian dishes and understand the Learn authentic Italian cooking by preparing regional classics such as minestrone soup, Tagliatelle, Risotto, and so much more. Come uncover the best-kept culinary secrets from Italy! Pasta always stimulates imagination in the kitchen: with a variety of classic Italian sauces.

Sundays - 10:00 AM TO 03:00 PM

  • PART I - 13-09-2015
  • PART II - 20-09-2015
  • PART III - 27-09-2015
  • PART IV - 04-10-2015
  • PART V - 11-10-2015

Price: $425+Tax

Instructions to the World of Baking -
October 17 - November 14

This is a hands on Once Every Weekend 5 Part Series Program Learn skills and techniques for basic baking, including Pie dough, piping batter, quick breads and muffins, yeast dough, croissants. Traditional Breads, Danish pastries, donuts etc. Lear to Bake Home-style Italian Breads, Panini’s, Ciabattas and more. Get introduced to a Variety of flat breads. This Program is designed to prepare you for your Home Baking Needs of the Festive Season.

Saturdays - 10:00 AM TO 03:00 PM

  • PART I - 17-10-2015
  • PART II - 24-10-2015
  • PART III - 31-10-2015
  • PART IV - 07-11-2015
  • PART V - 14-11-2015

Price: $425+Tax

Pastry Essentials -
October 18 - November 15

In this Fundamentals of Once Every Weekend 5 Part Series Program you will have fun learning how to make cookies, cakes, tarts, soufflés, and much more. Learn all the basic techniques, you will need to create amazing pastries and desserts in this Program. Explore yourself to art of creating Sweet and savory, chocolatey, fruity or creamy pastries: choux pastry, sponge cake, pastry cream, Chantilly cream, ganache, coulis, mousse and more. Just in time to create with confidence your favourite Pastries and Desserts for the Holiday Season.

Sundays - 10:00 AM TO 03:00 PM

  • PART I - 18-10-2015
  • PART II - 25-10-2015
  • PART III - 01-11-2015
  • PART IV - 08-11-2015
  • PART V - 15-11-2015

Price: $425+Tax

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